Cocktail o’clock Caipiroskas

The weekend is here… Time to have the girls around! The sun is shining, sunglasses on and the ice is ready. It’s cocktail o’clock… Today we shall have some caipiroskas, not the most elegant of the cocktails but sweet and colourful nonetheless. Caipiroskas are an adaptation of the traditional and very popular Brazilian caipirinha. The difference between them is that cachaça is used in the caipirinhas while … Continue reading Cocktail o’clock Caipiroskas

Natural History Museum in London

I still remember the first time I saw a picture of an Archaeopteryx on the Biology school book. I have never been a big dinosaur admirer, although finding them fascinating I have always been drawn to the human body sciences. For some reason, the Archaeopteryx fossil remained engraved on my memory, possibly because it was the first fossil to support Darwin’s theory of evolution or … Continue reading Natural History Museum in London

Just Paris

And they lived happily ever after! A damsel in distress, a valiant prince charming and a breathtaking kiss; these are the intents of how love should be. Disney has taught us that happy endings and unconditional love is possible. A love that is expressed in music, heroic acts, strolls through enchanted landscapes and carving of initials in the trees. So, when we find the one … Continue reading Just Paris

Alentejo – one of Portugal’s best kept secrets

Hair down, car windows open and radio on, our journey begins! Driving south we leave behind the hustle and bustle of a big city, its curvy roads and busy man-made landscapes. It is a hot summer day my hand outside the window plays with the eucalyptus fragrant breeze that is now getting hotter and the skin is already tanned. Outside, the landscape also changes, the … Continue reading Alentejo – one of Portugal’s best kept secrets

My favourite wood spirit – Totoro

I have always been a ‘Disney kind of gal’, with all the pretty pink fairy tale endings.  What’s not to like? Independently of who you are, where you come from or what you do, you are guaranteed a happy ending, one ‘and they lived happily ever after’. Of course, we grow older and life teach us that the Brothers’ Grimm fairy tale version is just … Continue reading My favourite wood spirit – Totoro

British Serengeti on my doorstep!

A trip to the Zoo would always send me down a guilt trip – saving animals from ‘certain death’ by ‘sentencing them to life’.  In an idealised world those creatures would be thriving on their unspoiled habitat!  But then again, the majestic human race does not allow such thing. So yes, we still need to sentence some of those animals to life. The good news … Continue reading British Serengeti on my doorstep!

Why visit the Madeira Island?

Have you ever visited a country and found yourself saying: “I could see myself living here”? There were occasions that I found myself discussing that possibility with my husband, yet I always follow to say: “Don’t forget that we are seeing this country from a tourist perspective and not through the views of a local”. Today I’ll give you a general outlook of the Madeira … Continue reading Why visit the Madeira Island?