Sweets and Cocktails – Madeira style

Do Madeirans have a sweet tooth? Nooooooo….. We don’t even eat many sweets! Our diet is a healthy Mediterranean diet, with fruit, vegetables, grilled meat/ fish and olive oil to drizzle our salads. Sometimes we do enjoy our queijada, nikita, poncha, pudim de maracujá , licorzinho de morango ou ginginha. But who doesn’t?!  Who doesn’t?! – My nanna would say, while shaking the ‘occasional’ Bola de … Continue reading Sweets and Cocktails – Madeira style

Madeira cuisine – A paradox of lush simplicity and magnificent flavour!

The colour, texture and culinary simplicity of Madeira’s gastronomy can be an overwhelming experience for the island first-timer. A palette of unforgettable dishes and tastes allows you to experience the island as a Madeiran does. As a Madeiran you will love the island not only for its flowers, wine and landscapes but also for the bolo do caco (traditional bread – shard cake), espetada (meat … Continue reading Madeira cuisine – A paradox of lush simplicity and magnificent flavour!

Farófias – Portuguese poached meringues

Farófias are one of the most popular and delicious traditional sweets of Portugal.   The easy preparation and small number of ingredients, makes it an ideal dessert that can be served warm or cold throughout the year. One of my all-time favourites! So scrumptious, that I could not wait to share it with you all. I hope you really enjoy it!    Ingredients 1L Milk … Continue reading Farófias – Portuguese poached meringues

Taberna do Mercado London

A couple of months ago London was taken by surprise with the news that the renowned Portuguese chef Nuno Mendes would open his own restaurant in the Old Spitalfields Market. The news were taken with great enthusiasm, with many articles about how the Chiltern Firehouse chef was now making his art available to those who could not get a table at Chiltern Firehouse or wanted … Continue reading Taberna do Mercado London

Portuguese Tabernas

Growing up in Portugal, the concept of taberna tavern is engrossed in you since tender age. Everywhere you go, for sure you will find a small shop, resembling more to a hole in the wall than a restaurant selling the famous ‘house wine’ in a copo de três, a ginjinha (Morello cherry liquer) and petiscos snacks.   Nowadays, you can still find tabernas though the majority of them are a modern conception of … Continue reading Portuguese Tabernas

Kappa & Tanuki – When a monster becomes adorable!

A chubby cheeky raccoon dog with a straw hat, an unpaid bill and a sake bottle, can be seen at the entrance of shops, restaurants and sake factories in Japan. When visiting the country you get used to see animal statues as well as the ones of supernatural creatures, so is no surprise that almost naturally an interest for the Japanese folklore and mythology develops … Continue reading Kappa & Tanuki – When a monster becomes adorable!

Portuguese Custard tarts & Pasteis de Belém

When in Portugal is practically impossible not to stumble upon the famous Portuguese Pasteis de nata custards tarts, it is one of the most popular sweets and it is sold in every single bakery nationwide. On the other hand, the renowned Pastel de Belém can only be found in Lisbon at the Pasteis de Belém factory. Here, these sweets are confectioned daily and are served still … Continue reading Portuguese Custard tarts & Pasteis de Belém