24 Reasons why I easily fell in love with Porto

  1. I can start my lunch overlooking the Douro River and finish my dessert by the sea.
  2. Walking through the steep cobbled streets makes me feel that I deserve all the 2000 calories of my Francesinha.DSC_0329
  3. The numerous quintessential shops offer the possibility to admire traditional Portuguese designs while tasting the local products.
  4. Where else can I have coffee in an old art decó café that has been serving coffee since the 1920’s?
  5. It’s the world’s best under-the-radar romantic destination.
  6. Graffiti is art!DSC_0346
  7. You are always surrounded by architectural masterpieces.
  8. Tram is a cool way to travel.
  9. Lunch is a snack with cheese and chorizo.DSC_0263
  10. It’s a selfie paradise, with beautiful backgrounds such as the churches in almost every corner.
  11. I can cross the bridge by foot while taking amazing photos of the Rabelo boats.
  12. Spending the night in the coolest bars, makes me wonder why did I pay for a hotel room!
  13. A visit to the Porto wine cellars makes me feel like a Porto wine connoisseur.DSC_0238
  14. While wondering the Porto roads, I can be serenated by University students in black capes (traditional attire).
  15. White and blue tiles become my new obsession.DSC_0162
  16. I can learn about Portugal’s history while waiting for a train.DSC_0106
  17. Seeping a cup of coffee in the amazing bookstore that JK Rowling is believed to have drawn part of her inspiration for the Harry Potter series.IMG_20160408_193744
  18. Even the darkest days are brightened by the colourful Ribeira do Porto.DSC_0260
  19. Nothing beats the possibility to drink hot cocoa by the sea in winter with a blanket to keep you warm and cosy.
  20. We can cook our own food at the table.DSC_0281
  21. Going for a meal and staying after the closing hours. Time is forgotten when dinners and restaurant owners come together and put the world to rights. Making new friends, drink or sing along to fado songs.
  22. The night only starts after 22h but lasts until the sunrise.
  23. Cod fish is tradition.DSC_0342
  24. Porto tonic is the new Gin & tonic.

Visit Porto you won’t be disappointed!

Do you need tips on what to see or where to eat?

Then have a look at my Tableau dashboard below and check my personal recommendations.


Have fun and let me know if you too have fallen in love with Porto!

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