Portuguese Custard tarts & Pasteis de Belém

When in Portugal is practically impossible not to stumble upon the famous Portuguese Pasteis de nata custards tarts, it is one of the most popular sweets and it is sold in every single bakery nationwide. On the other hand, the renowned Pastel de Belém can only be found in Lisbon at the Pasteis de Belém factory. Here, these sweets are confectioned daily and are served still … Continue reading Portuguese Custard tarts & Pasteis de Belém

Cocktail o’clock Caipiroskas

The weekend is here… Time to have the girls around! The sun is shining, sunglasses on and the ice is ready. It’s cocktail o’clock… Today we shall have some caipiroskas, not the most elegant of the cocktails but sweet and colourful nonetheless. Caipiroskas are an adaptation of the traditional and very popular Brazilian caipirinha. The difference between them is that cachaça is used in the caipirinhas while … Continue reading Cocktail o’clock Caipiroskas