24 Reasons why I easily fell in love with Porto

I can start my lunch overlooking the Douro River and finish my dessert by the sea. Walking through the steep cobbled streets makes me feel that I deserve all the 2000 calories of my Francesinha. The numerous quintessential shops offer the possibility to admire traditional Portuguese designs while tasting the local products. Where else can I have coffee in an old art decó café that … Continue reading 24 Reasons why I easily fell in love with Porto

Lisbon Oceanarium – A thumbs up experience

Is scuba diving on your bucket list? Have you always been fascinated by the underwater world? Or do you just love Nemo? Imagine a dry deep-sea diving experience without any of the hazards! Where you can be up close and personal with ocean sunfishes, stingrays and sharks from different heights of observation sites, or even be amused by the cutest otters you will ever see. … Continue reading Lisbon Oceanarium – A thumbs up experience

Sweets and Cocktails – Madeira style

Do Madeirans have a sweet tooth? Nooooooo….. We don’t even eat many sweets! Our diet is a healthy Mediterranean diet, with fruit, vegetables, grilled meat/ fish and olive oil to drizzle our salads. Sometimes we do enjoy our queijada, nikita, poncha, pudim de maracujá , licorzinho de morango ou ginginha. But who doesn’t?!  Who doesn’t?! – My nanna would say, while shaking the ‘occasional’ Bola de … Continue reading Sweets and Cocktails – Madeira style

Madeira cuisine – A paradox of lush simplicity and magnificent flavour!

The colour, texture and culinary simplicity of Madeira’s gastronomy can be an overwhelming experience for the island first-timer. A palette of unforgettable dishes and tastes allows you to experience the island as a Madeiran does. As a Madeiran you will love the island not only for its flowers, wine and landscapes but also for the bolo do caco (traditional bread – shard cake), espetada (meat … Continue reading Madeira cuisine – A paradox of lush simplicity and magnificent flavour!

Cocktail o’clock Caipiroskas

The weekend is here… Time to have the girls around! The sun is shining, sunglasses on and the ice is ready. It’s cocktail o’clock… Today we shall have some caipiroskas, not the most elegant of the cocktails but sweet and colourful nonetheless. Caipiroskas are an adaptation of the traditional and very popular Brazilian caipirinha. The difference between them is that cachaça is used in the caipirinhas while … Continue reading Cocktail o’clock Caipiroskas

Just Paris

And they lived happily ever after! A damsel in distress, a valiant prince charming and a breathtaking kiss; these are the intents of how love should be. Disney has taught us that happy endings and unconditional love is possible. A love that is expressed in music, heroic acts, strolls through enchanted landscapes and carving of initials in the trees. So, when we find the one … Continue reading Just Paris

Alentejo – one of Portugal’s best kept secrets

Hair down, car windows open and radio on, our journey begins! Driving south we leave behind the hustle and bustle of a big city, its curvy roads and busy man-made landscapes. It is a hot summer day my hand outside the window plays with the eucalyptus fragrant breeze that is now getting hotter and the skin is already tanned. Outside, the landscape also changes, the … Continue reading Alentejo – one of Portugal’s best kept secrets