Just another Saturday in London

At London’s heart Lord Nelson looks down on a vibrant sea of people hustling and bustling around Trafalgar Square. Today at the National Gallery doorstep, other kind of exhibition unveils – the Matsuri festival 2015. Strolling around the square we adventure into a not so unfamiliar culture, invited by stalls strategically placed along the path. Stopping in the crowded stands we are able to see: … Continue reading Just another Saturday in London

Taberna do Mercado London

A couple of months ago London was taken by surprise with the news that the renowned Portuguese chef Nuno Mendes would open his own restaurant in the Old Spitalfields Market. The news were taken with great enthusiasm, with many articles about how the Chiltern Firehouse chef was now making his art available to those who could not get a table at Chiltern Firehouse or wanted … Continue reading Taberna do Mercado London

Natural History Museum in London

I still remember the first time I saw a picture of an Archaeopteryx on the Biology school book. I have never been a big dinosaur admirer, although finding them fascinating I have always been drawn to the human body sciences. For some reason, the Archaeopteryx fossil remained engraved on my memory, possibly because it was the first fossil to support Darwin’s theory of evolution or … Continue reading Natural History Museum in London