Iron Viz – Books & Literature

It’s that time of the year… Iron Viz time! For those who don’t know, Iron Viz is a Tableau data visualisation competition where you have 4 weeks to investigate a subject (set by Tableau) and visually present your findings to the wider community via Tableau Public. The winner of each one of the three Iron Viz rounds is then selected to participate on the Tableau … Continue reading Iron Viz – Books & Literature

24 Reasons why I easily fell in love with Porto

I can start my lunch overlooking the Douro River and finish my dessert by the sea. Walking through the steep cobbled streets makes me feel that I deserve all the 2000 calories of my Francesinha. The numerous quintessential shops offer the possibility to admire traditional Portuguese designs while tasting the local products. Where else can I have coffee in an old art decó café that … Continue reading 24 Reasons why I easily fell in love with Porto

You’ve got mail… Data Chain Mail

Since I have stumbled in Tableau and its amazing community it is hard not to have fun with data. This collaborative community of extraordinary people is always celebrating knowledge, inspiring one another and revolutionizing the data visualization limits. An incredible encouragement for one to push its own boundaries, adventure in new fields and meet amazing people along the way. Last year, inspired by the Dear Data and Dear … Continue reading You’ve got mail… Data Chain Mail

Visualizing a whole new World with Tableau

My relationship with Data has always been an unhealthy one, a love/ hate kind of relationship with happy and frustrating days in the mix. On my Uni days, when data was presented in a monochromatic colour palette and pie charts were literally used as if they were Portuguese custard tarts – we could not have enough of them – I would avidly welcome those dull … Continue reading Visualizing a whole new World with Tableau

The Gift of Life

Death is never an easy subject to get around. Last month the motorsport world was once again hit by tragedy, IndyCar and ex-F1 British driver Justin Wilson lost his life weeks after his thirty seventh birthday. On Monday 24th August 2015, Wilson succumbed to his injuries and altruistically gave his organs to six people, saving their lives. Each year, people die while waiting for a … Continue reading The Gift of Life

Why travel to Japan? – In search of Japan with Tableau

After welcoming sushi, Zen gardens and judo into our lives, we are now turning our attention to the country itself. Curious about the culture, customs and traditions of the far-eastern end of the Silk Road, the international tourist is evolving. The taste for difference and uniqueness is taking us farther away, tempted by the world apart that is Japan. Click on the image and discover Japan! Continue reading Why travel to Japan? – In search of Japan with Tableau